Héléna Cazaute, after the Champions League final lost to Milan: “We can be proud, but it’s obviously a disappointment”

“It’s difficult to lose so close to scoring, after the defeat against Conegliano (3-2)…
It’s tough, I think we gave everything we had, there are no regrets. They were better, we made careless mistakes in bad moments. Each of us gave our best today (Sunday). We had a great race, we can be proud, but obviously it’s a disappointment.

What tipped the scales in favor of Conegliano?

There were losses of clarity on both sides, and in the tie-break we knew that two or three points would swing the match in favor of one or the other. Frankly, we believed it until the end. But they defended themselves well and counterattacked, which we weren’t able to do.

And in the end it is always Conegliano who wins…
We know, they are made to win (Conegliano won the Super Cup, Italian Cup, Scudetto and C1 this season). But we won’t give up, we will still enjoy the journey and spend our last evening together.

Is it a source of pride to play in a Champions League final?

It’s an incredible feeling… I have no words… (She is crying.) It’s beautiful, it’s the dream, a realization. But it’s still difficult… There are tears for everything, the season has been long and tiring, my head is going in all directions.

And now, the French team…

I think the transition will be a little complicated after a season like that, but once I’m there… I can’t wait to meet up with my friends again, the summer will be incredible with the VNL (League of Nations) and the Olympics. You just have to digest some of it first.

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