Yakuba Ouattara (Monaco): “We have to get on our knees” after the fifth match against Fenerbahçe

Yakuba Ouattara (AS Monaco captain, before match 5 against Fenerbahçe): “It’s the most important game of the season, do or die. We have to go out on our knees. It will be important to maintain the same energy than in game 4 (62 points conceded), so as not to let them settle. When they gain confidence, it becomes very complicated. We have to be aggressive on defense, control the rebounding, trust more on offense, share the ball and get everyone involved. We have experience of these 5 matches (defeat in 2022 against Olympiacos, victory in 2023 against Tel Aviv), These are matches where you have to give 1000%, without restraint, the team that wants it most will win.

(On accidents after match 4 and the pitch invasion) It’s behind, luckily we don’t have to play there again. We will be with our audience and their energy. Just got back to the locker room (after match 4), we started to move on. We don’t want to see this type of event and fortunately there have been no sanctions for the players (Jaron Blossomgame received a warning.) But in this match we did the impossible against a team that lost very little at home. (3 times in 19 games) and that he had never been beaten out. It’s a huge push, but the hardest part will be tomorrow (Wednesday). »

Donatas Motiejunas (AS Monaco kingpin): “We know what’s at stake. It will be very physical, very tense and the team that manages these elements best will win. The two Match 5s we played were different but each time it was nerve-wracking. These are matches that really demonstrate the character of the team, we already talked about it before game 4, everything will depend on the commitment we make. »

Sasa Obradovic (AS Monaco manager): “The most important thing will be not to burn our wings in these types of matches, we have to be patient, we know what we have to do. In game 1 we didn’t react well when they were more aggressive. Everyone must put aside distractions, agents, fans, referees. We just have to focus on the game, make good decisions and shoot well. (The return of John Brown, injured shoulder?) He trained today (Tuesday). We will make a last minute decision before the match.

(On the episodes of match 4) Nobody should think about it anymore. We cannot remain in emotion. I saw that people would have liked a bigger sanction against Fenerbahçe (who was fined 30,000 euros) but above all I feared that one of my players would be sanctioned at this crucial moment of the season. We saw it last season with Partizan Belgrade (two players suspended after a general brawl against Real Madrid), it’s the worst thing that could have happened. »

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