Francesco Farioli (Nice coach): “PSG? Not on holiday”

“Considering the Parisians’ last match against Toulouse (1-3), ultimately it’s not a bad thing to face them at such an advanced stage of the season…

I actually saw the last game, but I also saw all the previous ones. We expect a team that will not go on holiday, clearly. It is a team that still has an important objective, that of winning the Coupe de France. For them the next two matches will inevitably be important. I expect a focused, motivated and high-level team. As in every match we will have to use great intensity. I remind you that in the Champions League semi-final they dominated their opponent both in the first leg and in the second leg.

Mbappé and Dembélé are very uncertain. Without them Paris-SG will never be the same…
Without a doubt they are two extraordinary players, capable of making a difference at any time. That perhaps they are not there can be seen as an advantage, but the PSG squad has so much quality, in every role, that with their replacements there will be other difficulties that we will have to face. In reality, not much changes in our preparation.

Will the fact that you absolutely need a win to play a final against Lille, in the top four, change the way you play?
We know that if we want to continue dreaming we have to win, but we will be focused and aware that the match will last 90 minutes. We must not get carried away by a possible frenzy if we score early. Whatever happens, we must not lose our balance. You need to have great motivation but also clarity and keep a cool head for such an important match.

It’s more complicated to prepare for a meeting lots of noise around you ?
NO. Absolutely not. I said it last week and I will say it until the end of the championship: this is not the time to talk about me or individuals. We achieved our goals, with a lot of work and sacrifice. Focusing on things other than the team can be harmful to us. We will put all our energy into this big bubble where I, the players and the club are. We will all be focused on this match against PSG to, I hope, go to Lille to play in a final.

You have the best defense in the league (25 goals conceded), but you didn’t see any player rewarded last night, during the UNFP trophies. Is a surprise for you?
YES. These rewards always have a very subjective aspect. What our zip has brought to defense and attack this season is there for all to see. He certainly deserved an award. But the good thing is that it saved them the trip and they were able to rest.

With the certainty that your team will finish in the top five, Morgan Sanson’s option will be exercised by the club…
Morgan will in fact be at OGC Nice next season. It’s something to celebrate. He has always shown that he wants to continue his story here and the club is equally happy to be able to count on him next season. »

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