Boris Diaw in the Coupe des Landes final with Biscarosse

Boris Diaw in the final of the “Landes World Cup”. At 42, the former Blues captain and 2014 NBA champion with San Antonio, who came out of retirement to live this adventure among friends, qualified for the final of the Coupe des Landes, with Biscarosse. The Landes club, playing in Departmental 3, beat Elan Tursan in the semi-final on Sunday (99-77).

In the final, the 2013 European champions will face Élan Souémontain Montgaillardais Sarraziétois (ESMS), a Nationale 2 club, at the Plumaçon stadium on Saturday 1 June, in front of 8,000 spectators, and will benefit from a 49-point advantage.

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